12 Things to Care Less About in 2019


Care less about other peoples' opinions on Facebook.

And more about listening to the people who aren't like me.


Care less about what famous people look like.

And more about what I love about myself.


Care less about improving myself.

And more about being the me-est me there ever was.


Care less about lowering the weight on the scale.

And more about enjoying my own company.


Care less about a clean house.

And more about laughing.


Care less about homework and family dinners.

And more about smiling at my children with my whole face.


Care less about all the things I should do.

And more about the things I really love doing.


Care less about how bad I am at running/rock climbing/dancing/singing/writing poetry.

And more about the fact that I just really love it.


Care less about productivity.

And more about taking naps.


Care less about extracurriculars.

And more about goofing off on Saturday mornings.


Care less about the bad things so and so is saying on the news.

And more about the person I pass on the sidewalk every day at school pick up.


Care less about all the eating rules.

And more about how great food is at keeping me alive.

What are you caring less about in 2019?

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Sarah GuerreroComment