Do good moms work?

do good moms work?

We have all felt that tiny little whisper, “I’m not a good enough mom.” Mine is usually followed by, “I’m not spending enough time with my kids.” It’s such an insidious lie, because it’s clothed in a semi-truth--you can’t ever spend too much time with your kids.

The truth, however, is that entertaining your children constantly will ruin them.

If working is the right decision for your family, and it’s what you’ve been called to, you can be confident that you’ll be equipped for the task at hand. Your work and your family aren’t separate callings--they nourish and fan the flames of each other even when it seems they compete with each other. It's a beautiful mystery, but lean into it--embrace it!

Rejoice in the unique story God is writing for your family, that's completely unlike what he's writing for someone else.

Be intentional about connecting with your children, but don’t entertain them--that’s what play is for.

Here on the blog, we’ve used the term “independent play,” but really what we mean is--play.

For years--no, since the dawn of time--children have entertained themselves. By themselves. Without adult help. Without sophisticated toys and devices and theories. Children have just played. In fact, play has been the primary way children develop into marvelous adults.

Our culture yells at us: do more! Be more! Go more! Run, run, run!

Kids with less time to play and be kids, and get in touch with their inner creative selves, are kids that are more prone to anxiety, have a harder time coping as adults, and are less in tune with their emotions.

The way we help our children to unlearn busyness is by unlearning it, ourselves.

We rest.

We say no--a lot--to external demands on our time.

We leave free space on our schedules.

The rest of the world clamors down the highway of doing, but we are the brave ones who step off the highway. We know what matters and we say, “thanks but no thanks,” to all the things that are good, but not the best for us.

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