Work at home Mom Stories // Ruth Chou Simons (part two)

Ruth Chou Simons is an artist and author of Gracelaced, out September 2017. She is the mother of six boys and shares what she's learned as a work at home mom.

(this is part two in our series; click here for part one)  

On timing & pursuing your dreams:

Ability, time, desire, resources, freedom, and blessing, are all factors in pursuing a dream.

There is no perfect formula to the best time, place, or scenario for such a pursuit, but simply having the ability to do something doesn't necessarily mean that it is the right time or the right circumstance. Sometimes choosing good means that you forfeit choosing the best.

On motherhood and being appreciated:

For me, choosing the best meant that I would put aside the pursuit of professional art and writing for over a decade while I was learning to be a wife and mother.

Those professions in the home did not come naturally to me, and often felt less exciting and creative than making something beautiful for others to see and admire, but I chose to cultivate a heart and love for the creative and beautiful work that is sometimes unseen and under-appreciated within the home. I have never regretted that choice, as those years laid the foundation for our family culture, sibling relationships, and my values as a mother and wife.

(Also, Motherhood has a way of teaching you to take yourself less seriously and to take all things in stride...both of which are much needed in running a business!)

Those years were some of the most formative, inspiring years for my future creative pursuits.

On avoiding comparison and keeping creativity alive:

So often, we creatives look to others in social media for inspiration. We live in a time where we can keep up with what "everyone" is creating out there. It can honestly feel so overwhelming--and discouraging.

Have you felt as if you have no place to contribute something new? Because it has all been done before...or because you don't do it as well as someone else out there?

Because comparison and its trappings are always only but a few clicks away, I make a choice to not surf/follow/stalk/search out every person who is creating similar work to mine.

I value fellow creatives who I have relationships with and maintain those that are genuine, but mindlessly, anxiously keeping up with what others are creating is oppressive and not inspiring to me in the least. If you want to be inspired, look to what's eternal, lasting, true, and beautiful.

For one thing, our Master Artist is beauty to behold. Sometimes it come from the hands of a peer, but so often--most often--true inspiration comes from reading an amazing book, meditating on a single passage of scripture, observing the light at dusk, or pressing a flower in the pages of your journal.

Some of my best work has flowed from trying to live fuller, rather than trying to produce more.

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