5 Unexpected Things That Will Change Your Life This Fall

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stay at home moms who work

The biggest challenges I have in my life right now as an entrepreneur and a stay at home mom who works are: 

  • getting dinner on the table 
  • looking like a human being
  • finding me time
  • making friends 

Are these your biggest challenges, too? If so, get excited--because this post is packed with tips that will be like a breath of fresh air this fall! PLUS, there's a giveaway at the bottom that you won't want to miss. 

1. Meal Planning That Does The Work For You 

At 4:55pm, I'd rather face a chainsaw-wielding ghoul in a dark basement than my starving children. I usually have work I'm trying desperately to finish and frankly, I just don't have any mental energy left to create a healthy, wholesome meal for my hungry people! Especially when I've got a screaming infant or hangry toddler to deal with. 

PrepDish is an answer from the gods. 

Every week, PrepDish sends you an email with a shopping list and brief instructions for prepping your meals ahead of time. You can spend an hour or two on a Sunday or Monday aternoon, prepping your food for the week, and then VOILA. You have all your meals in the fridge FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK.

PrepDish has a gluten free track and a Paleo track, they use a ton of vegetables and seasonal recipes, AND they are offering readers a free 2-week trial to try it out!! You can go to PrepDish.com and use promo code STAND to get your trial. If you were using PrepDish this week, your family would be feasting on Brined Pork Chops w/ Sauteed Cabbage and Apples or Orange-Ginger Grilled Chicken w/ Veggie Stir Fry and Brown Rice.

And you would not have expended any mental energy on these things. NOT AN OUNCE. 

2. Plan to Rest

Grab your calendar right now, make a list of five things that fill you up (an afternoon reading, an hour at a coffee shop with a girlfriend, a bubble bath) and SCHEDULE THEM. If you don't plan rest, it won't happen. 

I talk about rest extensively in Equipped (including how to actually make it happen!!), but the short version is: you need it, sister. You matter. The work you do matters. Be kind to yourself and get some rest.

3. Cute Clothes That Happen Effortlessly 

There's a reason yoga pants are a thang, and while I'm not comfort and sheer survival, I think we all know the virtues of feeling good about how we look. A few extra minutes on cute clothes or my hair or makeup is a subconscious nod to myself--I matter, I'm worth making time for, I take care of others and that starts with me. 

BUT. When your size fluctuates dramatically (helllooo pregnancies) and you've sort of lost yourself as a person (thank you, motherhood), figuring out what to buy is stressful. What's even more stressful? FIGURING OUT A WHOLE WARDROBE. I've always been intrigued by having a uniform or a capsule wardrobe, but even those things are exhausting to plan! 

Enter, Allison. Allison is female entrepreneur raising her kids in the midst of growing a business (JUST LIKE US) and she created The Style Challenge. It is a first of its kind online style program that gives you the tools you need to build your own capsule wardrobe. Allison creates the shopping list, and you shop your closet, or your favorite stores, and you spend as much or as little as you want.

Here, Allison explains how it all works: 

The pieces on your list are then combined into daily outfit ideas and sent right to your inbox to make getting dressed the easiest thing you'll do all day!! There's no membership fee or recurring charge. 

There are different challenges for different seasons (and a few that are evergreen). This one has totally caught me eye, because it's such a fun mix of feminine style without being too glittery, if you know what I mean ;). 

It's clothes that actually make sense for the things that I do, like go to the park, go for walks, do Skype conference calls or school pick ups or meet a friend for lunch...and an occasional date night. I'm not spending tons of extra money on clothes I won't actually use. AND I GET AN EMAIL EVERY DAY FOR THE CHALLENGE TELLING ME WHAT TO WEAR. #praisehands


4. Coffee (Special Coffee, That Is) 

I think we all know that well roasted coffee has magical powers, but honestly one of the things I love the most about coffee is not just that it's delicious and a happy ritual--and Perky Perky coffee is delicious--but it's a rallying point for other women. You can watch founder Maruxa Murphy explain a little more here: 

I've started so many conversations with other women over coffee, laughed, talked about deep important things--Maruxa created Perky Perky to be a lifestyle brand that reminds women of the beautiful, strong, courageoussmart, unique, creative, powerful, brilliance that we each have within us, and build a movement of women that are doing more what they love in this world! 

5. Make a New Friend (Who Gets It) 

Being a mom who is an entrepreneur, or a SAHM who works is hard. If you want any kind of staying power in this business, let me tell you--you need to find your girls. This fall, we're launching community groups in our Stand For Mom Facebook group. If you're looking for your kindred spirit, now is the time to join

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