SFMS #8 What To Do When You've Lost Yourself in Motherhood

interview with entrepreneur and mom Maruxa Murphy

When I realized I’d lost myself in diapers and goldfish, my first instinct was to buy more yoga pants. Maruxa Murphy’s first instinct? Start a coffee company!

In this week’s episode of the Stand For Mom Show, I interview Maruxa about entrepreneurship as a mom and woman, being a coffee snob, and how life changes when you stop trying to be the perfect mom.

Maruxa went from being a career woman and feeling on top of the world to feeling like motherhood was a battlefield. After years of feeling like she was smart and capable, motherhood found her struggling to validate what she knew somewhere deep inside: that she was so much more than just a caretaker.

How Coffee Helped Maruxa Rediscover Her Brillance 

Fortunately for us, Maruxa found some stable ground, and in our video interview talks about the first step she took to start giving herself space and energy again. It started with coffee--and that’s when Maruxa realized something was missing in the coffee space.

The World Needs What's Inside of You

This January, Maruxa launched Perky Perky, a craft roasted coffee company designed to bring women back into their brilliance. You’re going to love how Maruxa has managed to insert supportive, encouragement messages into moms’ everyday lives using what we love most--COFFEE! Maruxa is relatable and inspiring. You’re going to feel empowered to drop perfection and embrace your own growth, even as your children grow and learn.

You’re going to love…

  • The counter intuitive secret that allows Maruxa to work full time, manage her side hustle, and still show up as a mom
  • How Maruxa identified a huge, gaping hole in the market--and how she’s filling it
  • Why Sarah included herself in her son’s first day of school
  • What you’re really giving up when you prioritize
  • How Maruxa gives you permission to embrace your calling
  • This freeing tip for moms who want to start their own business

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Maruxa's top 3 tips for moms starting a business
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