Does God Want Me to Stop Working So I Can Be a Mom? (new series) 

being a mom and a creative person at the same time

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Kari Jobe is an internationally-known worship leader whose son, Canyon, was born shortly before she started work on her most recent project, The Garden.

I was so encouraged by how Kari's husband and church supported her through the transition from motherhood to working parent. Here's her husband on how the album began (at 10:44):

"I remember it started with 'How can I fully be a mom in this season and also carry this calling and this gift I have on my life?' And I remember that word I got for you that night, that God was going take your gift and your calling (as a worship leader)...and for this season while you're being a mom he was going to tend to it like a gardener."

(Reminds me of one of my most favorite passages about motherhood ever.) 

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PPS Accepting yourself as a working mom here ("I think so much of what holds us back is what we think we “should” be doing as moms and when you give yourself permission to do what you were made to do? Amazing things can happen.").