Ok, so you're serious about wanting something to change. You feel like you're failing everyone, but you're not quite sure why, or how to fix it.

You've heard there's this book written by another Work at Home Mom but...you're really not sure. 

Will it be just another thing you buy and don't use? 
Is it going to be a lot of work? 
Is it going to be hard? 

Here's what our first readers are saying: 

"I LOVE Equipped. I feel like I need to talk about it to someone. I'm not finished yet, but it's been so freeing to read. How can I help get the word out about this? Moms need to hear it." -Lindsey F. 

"Being a perfectionist and working from home with kids home for summer is insane! Equipped is a life saver!" -Giovanna

"Equipped came at a really, really good time for me. I found it really freeing to have permission to live my life, not the should life. You gave me permission to live the life I have now." -Emily

Equipped is a eBook that arrives in your inbox as a PDF. It's different than anything you've read before.

It's NOT a devotion.
It's NOT a how-to.
It's NOT a five-step plan.
It IS minimalism for your mom brain. 

Inside its pages are nuggets of gold that will change how you see yourself and your role as a mother and a working person. 

Excerpts from Equipped: 

I wasn’t somebody who always wanted children. 

I have this vivid memory of being in the car with my husband; I must have been newly pregnant. I can’t see where we were going, but it was evening, and the tan carpets of the car were almost grey as the gloom deepened. I was sobbing, and my husband was trying to comfort me. “You’re not alone,” he said. It was true--I wasn’t. But I was terrified. 

Ironically, by the time my maternity leave was up, terrified though I was, I longed to be a stay at home mom. I can still feel the visceral ache of leaving my infant every day. I spent a year working outside the home full time when my oldest was brand new and to be utterly frank, I was mad about it. It just hurt too much. 

When an opportunity came to work at home, part-time, I was ecstatic. But while working at home was better, in my mind, than working full time away from home, part of me still wasn’t happy. “This isn't really the best,” I fretted. I suspected, in the deepest, darkest part of my heart, that God was holding out on me. 
If you’ve made the decision to work at home, you’re doing something counter-cultural. It’s not “normal,” you don’t fit the standard mold, and unless you’re especially unique you don’t have three generations of work at home women behind you. 

It’s just you, the pioneer, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the pressure to conform to standards and expectations better suited to women who are making different career choices (stay at home moms and working moms) will be intense. 

At night, when I close my eyes, I can hear the shoulds: 

I should work out. 
I should wake up earlier. 
I should hug my kids more. 
I should spend more time with my husband. 

Do you hear shoulds, too? 
Can we be nerdy and look up guilt in the dictionary for a hot second? 

Dictionary.com defines guilt as: “a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, wrong, etc., whether real or imagined.” 

We’ve talked about the voices that get in our head and “should” us till we’re shamefacedly guilty. Later, we’ll talk about how our calling to work benefits our children and can actually give them permission to thrive. Working can be good for them. 

I heard a great explanation of the difference between conviction and condemnation recently. For the life of me, I can’t remember who said it, but there’s a really smart person out there somewhere! 

Conviction is knowing you need to make a change, and feeling hope. 

Condemnation, however, leaves you without hope of being able to change. It attacks you, as a person, not your action. 


  • 60 page eBook
  • 17 page Workbook (contains exclusively designed worksheets, only available here)


  • 4 Steps to Save 20+ Hours a Month 
  • Screen Free Toys Our Kids LOVE (that let us work longer!) 

Meet the author of Equipped (and creator of Stand For Mom):

I’m Sarah. A couple of years ago, I got desperate. I was a work at home mom with three tiny children and I didn’t have ANY friends doing that, too. So, I started Stand For Mom!
Equipped is the culmination of more than four years of fighting for peace--in my family, my work, my home. I labored under guilt and exhaustion for way too long. I really hope you read this book--not because I want your money, but because I think these little tiny ‘ol words will change things inside your heart.
Inside your home.
In your work.
Plus, I want to get to know you. I have a feeling you’re pretty incredible, and there are some amazing things in your future.
Love you friend,